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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Law of existence

It passed a few years since our first encounter …and my heart beats count them as a few minutes… felt the words you shared with me…your smile all over your face I can not forget, clear as the blue sea
when we talked the world seem so empty like there’s no other but our heart beats flying on the wings of white doves…carried by spring breeze

you told me About the law of existence that is so unbreakable , and I assured you that it exists to be broke

we grew apart…and wished that I could see you a few times again or at least once …I cried for patience … but the only respond was its better of you.
So you’ve been transformed into a nice shade all around me all mine and I all yours…but I wasn’t swayed.

Life Luck and Destiny played their roles so well…new encounters were between us…almost inseparable…I bet you we broke the law of existence that was made by human foolishness

You aspired for my bet to win…

You felt for another…and you haven’t recognize my jealousy among women…my heart didn’t soften with forgiveness …you became a challenge for my ego that was so into you.

You hurt me tortured me wound me, I hurt you tortured you wound you
We tormented everything that surrounded us…

We grew apart forever this time… the law of existence was imposed so hard on us…Sorry you were the victim of my nonchalance

I can not forget you or even distract my self from you
Only have to wait and find you in someone else resembling you
Or maybe not…maybe find you in another life ruled by no laws

Painting by Mamta.B Herland


Ihsan said...

We never find them in others!

Nobody resemles them.

You just have to see the goods in the others and avoid comparison!

Nice words!!

Good luck!

yazan said...

Whatever or whoever was this about, I don't really know or care.
But the writing was beautiful, oh so beautiful! Bravo.