Monday, September 14, 2009

Blogging week against Assholes

In Addition of all the Syrian bloggers ( blogging against something…) I choose to continue Abu Fares blogpost about Assholes ( I hope you wont mind abu fares) because lately assholes have been multiplied unfortunately and their numbers are still increasing without giving it a serious consideration!!
Starting with a famous saying “ if Assholes could fly this place would be an Airport”

1. There are men that tells women that they love them and cherish them, until they get them into their beds and once they get them there, the next day they stop calling, I don’t like them

2. There are men, that have wives like angels and even though they treat them like shit and cheat on them
I don’t like them.

3. There are men that brag about them selves and what they own just to get the other sex attention
I don’t like them

4. There are men that give lots of promises but never keep them, I don’t like them.

5. There are men that still uses aggression and beat up women I don’t like them.

6. There are men that rapes the innocence of childhood. I don’t like them

7. There are men that sells their own blood hood ( Father, mother, siblings) just for a personal benefit, I don’t like them

8. There are men who thinks that women are weak and can’t handle life by them selves, I don’t like them

9. There are men who consider if their ( sisters, daughters) are in love before marriage, is shameful and dishonorable and she should be killed, I don’t like them.

10. There are men who thinks that women shouldn’t be sexually satisfied, and they are only tools for their pleasures. I don’t like them.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Emotions and Relationships

Those are 2 Quotes of two Noble Prize winners, that I found so deep and inspiring so loved to share them :

"All of us know a disease in Central Africa called sleeping sickness. What we need to know is that there is a similar disease that attacks the soul – and which is very dangerous, because it catches us without being noticed. When you notice the slightest sign of indifference and lack of enthusiasm for your similar, be on the alert!
The only way to take precautions against this disease is to understand that the soul suffers, and suffers a lot, when we make it live superficially. The soul likes things that are beautiful and profound”.

Professor Albert Schweitzer, physician and missionary

At the beginning of our life and again when we get old, we need the help and affection of others. Unfortunately, between these two periods of our life, when we are strong and able to look after ourselves, we don’t appreciate the value of affection and compassion. As our own life begins and ends with the need for affection, wouldn’t it be better if we gave compassion and love to others while we are strong and capable?”

The Dali Lama

Bottom line…relationships are really difficult. and I mean here any relationship, friends coworkers, lovers…etc. Difficult In the same way that fire is necessary to put up with the disagreeable smoke which makes breathing hard, and causes tears to pour down one’s face. However, once the fire is alight, the smoke disappears and the flames light up everything around us spreading warmth, calm, and possibly making an ember pop out to burn us, but that is what makes a relationship interesting, isn’t that true?