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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Explaining God

It's no use asking for explanations about God. You might hear lovely words,
but deep down they are all empty phrases. Just as you can read a whole
encyclopedia about love and not know what it is to
love. No-one is ever going to manage to prove that
God exists, or that he doesn't exist. Certain things in life were made to be
experienced, but never explained.
One of these things is love. God - who is love - is another. Faith is a
childish experience, in that magical sense.
Jesus Said: "The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to the

The three stories that follow speak of how innocent the search is:

Beginning at the beginning

A man asked al-Husayn:
- What do I have to do to be closer to
- Tell Him a secret. And don't let anyone in the world know what the secret
is. In that way a bond of trust will be established with the
But the man went on:
- Only that will help me get closer?
- Establish a firm relation at the start of your spiritual journey. Pray.
It's also important to have will power. And if it's possible to enjoy a little
solitude, all the better.
- But how do I reach the ideal stage of communicating with
Him? -
- I have already explained all that you need - said al-Husayn. - But
you want to reach the end before you even begin, and that is just not

Loving without fear

A pilgrim arrived at the village where Abu Yazid al-Bistrami
- Teach me the quickest way to reach
Al-Bistrami answered:
- Love Him with all your strength.
- That I already do.
- Then you need to be loved by the
- But why?
- Because God looks at the hearts of all men. When He visits yours He will
surely see the love you have for Him and He will be happy. However, if He also
finds your name written with affection in the hearts of others, He will
certainly pay far more attention to you.

Wanting to take a short

- Why do you make us waste time looking for God when you know Him so
- said a disciple of Hasan de Basra. - You could tell us what He is
- Yes - answered Hasan de Basra. - But it so happens that one afternoon I
was standing in front of a swamp when I noticed a man getting ready to cross it.
I shouted out: "Careful there, you could slip on a rock and get all
- The man answered back: "If that happens, I will be the only one to get
dirty. So, Hasan, if you slip and fall in your path, all your disciples will
slip and fall with you."
"At that moment I understood: God is an individual challenge, each person
is responsible for his own search. A master can share his experience, but never
the results."

By Paulo Coelho Warrior of the Light

Sunday, September 10, 2006

A day in the Park ( Cismigiu )

In the heart of the Romanian Capital Bucharest lays a large oasis the( Cismigiu Park) it is known as the oldest public park in Bucharest. Modeled on the Parisian Jardin des Plantes by German Carl Meyer in 1830, with alleys surrounding a nice lake which features a enchanting water-fountain and boat-renting the park is split into a formal section and a romantic section. It is also known as the Lovers' park. because its considered a place of meeting for lovers any pair of lovers have kissed at least once on the lover-ally unfortunately I haven’t capture any photos of young lovers kissing for it was too rude for me to intrude :)

I’m actually in love with this park and I go there often with a book and my Ipod just relaxing on bench surrounded by those pretty gardens with plenty of flowers, trees, and wonderful foliage. You might close your eyes. Or watch the passers-by. Or the old people chatting or the lovers. Or play chess. Or even have a drink and a bite to eat in a terrace on the miniature lake.

For my luck this time I encountered 2 pairs of new weds on a photo session, for its kind of new trend to take your wedding photos in the park surrounded by trees fountains and flowers. I snicked around and took a photo but please excuse my lousy resolution because I took the shoots with my mobile phone cam.

another pairs rushing to the party :)

And as I walk around I hear this beautiful music playing on the other side of the park so me and my curious nose approach the spot where the music is coming from. And find a little square where a little band formed of a guitar player and accordion player performing a rhythmatic tango and young and elder couples dancing with eurhythmic steps I was content and so stirred away watching those couples dancing and listings to the nice music.

well i had just another wonderful day in the Park

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tagged de nouveau :)

Okay Abu Fares here you go your nice questions i really enjoyed answering :

1.Which is the single best post you’ve read on any blog? Please provide link.

A. That’s a hard one really because I read many good posts but I’ll give A link I like ANYWAY!F3D4B517D834546A!460.entry

2. Which is the best post you’ve written? Which is your worst? Please provide links.

A. Okay all of my posts are just great ( being modest) no really well I have days of bad writing and days of good writing

Bas the one I love the most is this one

the one I hate is

3. How about a place you’ve never been to but would very much like to see.

A. Well I want to see south america (cancun, machu picchu, Rio de janeiro, san paulo...) lots of places to be seen there

4. If you were a member of the opposite sex, what would you have done differently?

A. mmmmmm I would want be super man and save the world

5. Do you remember a childhood recurrent dream or nightmare? Good or bad, tell us about it.

A. yea and I still have it its kind of nightmare…me in this Gothic huge hotel with lots of corridors and halls and me always trying to take the elevator to go to this certain room….but I always end up stuck in the elevator and it cracks down and starts to fall with me in it. I see the same hotel every time but sometimes with different ppl in it... scary huh

6. Make me laugh or make me cry, put your words to use.

A. I choose to make you laugh with this photo I found around
It just a note a shopkeeper left

7. Do you regret the unfulfilled dreams, the inaccessible roads, the uncharted lands?

A.never regreted anything, I still have the whole life so I better fullfill my dreams access all roads and discover new lands. cuz then I will really regret I didn’t

8. What is a friend to you? And what are you to a friend?

A. a friend for me is someone whom I dare to be myself with, is someone I cannot live without a friend is someone who is there for me not only in good times. A friend is someone I cherish and trust my whole life.

As for what I am for a friend. I’m the shoulder to lean on in hard times
Im the smile he seeks when feeling down.

Actually I have a few good good friends but I know they treasure me and I do the same and that what matters.

9. T.S. Eliot measured his life with coffee spoons, how about you?

A. well I’m no T.S. Eliot so I have to say that I measure it with the simple stages of life

10. Write your own epitaph, or if that is too hard, how would you like your epitaph to read?

A. smile…for here lies a person that knew how to smile once
and please sing her a song before you leave

P.S: i forgot to forward the tag so i'm tagging :
Jacob from dotDecay
And Bilal


Friday, September 01, 2006

The Lake House

So I managed to go to the movies today and we were foggy about whether to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: dead men’s chest or The Lake House…okay Johnny Depp is very intriguing but on the other hand also Keanu Reeves is. So as we were all a bunch of desolated girls hehe ( not really) we choose to enter the more Romantic one.

The Lake House, I would never regret I went to watch it because it was GREAT
I can say that every girl in the theater were crying and of course i was one of them hehe

Dr. Kate Foster ( Sandra Bullock) wanted a little change in her life so she leaves her rented house lake and head for Chicago where she got hired in the busy hospital of Chicago, and feels sorry cuz she left the house, for it was like a sanctuary for her…
But then a stranger took her place in it , a frustrated architect Alex ( Keanu Reeves) finds a letter left by Kate there…

And a correspondence starts

Just for the sake of our conversation: what day are you at
14 April 2004
No! its 14 April 2006
Same day but at a distance of
2 years
Could this thing be happening????

Could those strangers meet one day??

Its about Love its about how you should wait for the right moment in life and not be irrational, because everybody got the right time or moment in life
It is sweet smart and well crafted I have yearned for a movie like that with simplicity and decency.

Its just amazing :)