Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Well quite a few people who’ve been visiting my blog asked what exactly my blog is about…and I my self haven’t write an introduction to it. And the title of the blog seemed so strapping and determined…

So I thought to write a post about it
Well my simple humble blog is about me, my home town Damascus, my Syria, my thoughts, my dreams, my poems, my stories, my pics, places that I’ve been to…etc
And yes I am Syrian to the bone and proud of it…and the that title wont stop me of publishing anything that I want beside writing about Syria.

So the thoughts and posts that are and will be published here will be pure Syrian to the bone thoughts and ideas…hope I made up my point and u got what’s my blog is about.

For any ideas suggestions or questions don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

About Aleppo

Aleppo, is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world.

It knew human settlement since the eleventh millennium B.C. through the residential houses which were discovered in Al-Qaramel Hill .Aleppo has been conquered by many nations and civilizations since the 4th millennium B.C. , it knew the Sumerians ,Acadians , Amorites,Babylonians,Hithies, Mitanians,Assyrians,Arametes,Chaldeans, Greeks , Romans and Byzantines . The Arabian tribes lived in the 1st millennium B.C. till the time of the Islamic conquest which was a liberation from the European Byzantine occupation on one hand and a human civilized rebalance to the native people on the other hand . The Islamic civilization through its flexibility formed a new horizon that reshaped other civilizations in this supreme tolerant form , that form called for peace and brotherhood . fifteen centuries ago up till now Aleppo becomes one of the most important Islamic cities through its economical , historical , artistic and cultural legacy .

Aleppo was a key town on the trade routes for thousands of years and still uses, for local and regional trade, a considerable proportion of the facilities that were developed in the time of the caravans: khans, courtyards as warehouses with workshops around them: kilometers of narrow covered street where traders and craftsmen congregate according to their various calling and specialties. This busy center of the old city naturally had many public buildings: mosques schools (madrassas), baths (hammams), hospitals and asylums (bimarstans), as well as the occasional foreign consulate - the Venetian one dates back to the beginning of the 13th century.

The New Capital of Islamic Culture:

This year accordance with a resolution of the Islamic Conference Organization, Aleppo was selected to be the capital of Islamic Culture 1427 H. 2006 A.D. due to the availability of the criteria approved for the selection, such as the building legacy, the cultural, the scientific and the artistic credit and the economical role.

Aleppo represents a type of Islamic cities in relation to religious tolerance, acknowledging the other, and the common living among several religions, traditions and schools under the umbrella of a sublime human civilization that absorbed all previous civilizations in the frame of Islamic flexible civilization calling for the dialogue, the wisdom and the good exhortation.

Aleppo also represents a model of Islamic cities with its Islamic architecture through the ages since the year 16H. Up till now including Umayyad, Abbasite ages, in addition to Hamdanyeih, Saljokeyeh, Zankiya, Ayoubi, the Mamluouk and the Ottoman ages, with different functions formed by their architecture such as the castle, the doors, bazaars, caravansary, mosques, churches, public baths hospitals and the historical houses.

Places to visit:

  • St. George's Cathedral stands behind a labyrinth of narrow streets on a tiny square where there are several antique shops
    The Citadel
    The ramparts, known as the Bab Antakia
    The Antioch Gate
    The souks, covered by vaulted roof
    The Great Mosque and the interesting buildings in its vicinity
    Bab al Makkam, a working district
    Picturesque souk of the coppersmiths
    Bab Qinnesri: impressive fortified gates
    The beautiful madrassat al Fardos
    Al Bharamyah Mosque
    Jedeide district ("Old houses", St. George Cathedral, antique shops)
    Al Mahmandar Mosque
    The Armenian churches
    The Archaeological Museum
    The Public Gardens and Zoo
    The University quarter
    Bab Qinnesrin
    The Bimarstan (asylum) Arghoun al Kamili
    The Cotton souk (caravansaries and neighboring building)
    Al Atroush Mosque (and other buildings nearby)
    Museum of Popular Art and Traditions (in the Ageckbash Palace).
    Qalaat Samaan
    Al Bara
    Al Thaura

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

All Syrian Bloggers in one site

For more Syrian blogs you can check this new site

Almost all Syrian bloggers are listed at Syria planet.
the site is updated automatically every time a new post is published

Many Thanks to all whose behind this great project

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


As I expected tons of snow covered the Romanian capital as I arrived, luckily it was sunny those last few days and the snow is starting to melt
Well had time to Seattle down to get me a internet connection to my granny’s place
Didn’t go out a lot expect for some shopping for home that me and mom needed. I'll try to take some pictuers of Bucharest soon and post them,
So didn’t do much since I arrived so I chose to post you a famous poem by a well known Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu (1850-1889)


Vino-n codru la izvorul
Care tremură pe prund,
Unde prispa cea de brazde
Crengi plecate o ascund.

Şi în braţele-mi întinse
Să alergi, pe piept să-mi cazi,
Să-ţi desprind din creştet vălul,
Să-l ridic de pe obraz.

Pe genunchii mei şedea-vei,
Vom fi singuri-singurei,
Iar în păr înfiorate
Or să-ţi cadă flori de tei.

Fruntea albă-n părul galben
Pe-al meu braţ încet s-o culci,
Lăsând pradă gurii mele
Ale tale buze dulci...
Vom visa un vis ferice,

Îngâna-ne-vor c-un cânt
Singuratece izvoare,
Blânda batere de vânt;
Adormind de armonia
Codrului bătut de gânduri,
Flori de tei deasupra noastră
Or să cadă rânduri-rânduri

The translation


Come now to the forest's spring
Running wrinkling over the stones,
To where lush and grassy furrows
Hide away in curving boughs.

Then you can run to my open arms,
Be held once more in my embrace,I
'll gently lift that veil of yours
To gaze again upon your face.

And then you can sit upon my knee,
We'll be all alone, alone there,
While the lime tree thrilled with rapture
Showers blossoms on your hair.

Your white brow with those golden curls
Will slowly draw near to be kissed,
Yielding as prey to my greedy mouth
Those sweet, red, cherry lips . . .

We'll dream only happy dreams
Echoed by wind's song in the trees,
The murmur of the lonely spring,
The caressing touch of the gentle breeze.

And drowsy with this harmony
Of a forest bowed deep as in prayer,
Lime-tree petals that hang above us
Will fall sifting higher and higher.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Leaving on a jet plane

Here I am getting ready for my annual visit to Romania this time its gonna be more than a
one month visit…actually it’s the first time that don’t feel enthusiastic about it…and I don’t really know the reason?! Maybe because here its becoming warmer and spring time started while I’ll go back to hard cold freezing snowy winter.
Or maybe because so many unexpected things happened to me this last week
Like the return of a person back into my life…while I thought he’s out of it forever
But I was so laying to my self because he wasn’t out at all.

Anyway its always that way when I’m in Bucharest I miss Damascus and get so nostalgic about it…and when I’m in Damascus I miss Bucharest and want to get back to it so soon.

Well I must carry with me the thickest peaces of clothes that I have. also Hats scarves gloves boots I wanna stay here booohoooo.

But who am I fooling I would go to Antarctica just for the sake of traveling …I really Do LOVE IT…just tell me to pack up and I’m ready for it no matter where.

Eh I guess my next post gonna be from Bucharest
Wait for it