Wednesday, March 08, 2006


As I expected tons of snow covered the Romanian capital as I arrived, luckily it was sunny those last few days and the snow is starting to melt
Well had time to Seattle down to get me a internet connection to my granny’s place
Didn’t go out a lot expect for some shopping for home that me and mom needed. I'll try to take some pictuers of Bucharest soon and post them,
So didn’t do much since I arrived so I chose to post you a famous poem by a well known Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu (1850-1889)


Vino-n codru la izvorul
Care tremură pe prund,
Unde prispa cea de brazde
Crengi plecate o ascund.

Şi în braţele-mi întinse
Să alergi, pe piept să-mi cazi,
Să-ţi desprind din creştet vălul,
Să-l ridic de pe obraz.

Pe genunchii mei şedea-vei,
Vom fi singuri-singurei,
Iar în păr înfiorate
Or să-ţi cadă flori de tei.

Fruntea albă-n părul galben
Pe-al meu braţ încet s-o culci,
Lăsând pradă gurii mele
Ale tale buze dulci...
Vom visa un vis ferice,

Îngâna-ne-vor c-un cânt
Singuratece izvoare,
Blânda batere de vânt;
Adormind de armonia
Codrului bătut de gânduri,
Flori de tei deasupra noastră
Or să cadă rânduri-rânduri

The translation


Come now to the forest's spring
Running wrinkling over the stones,
To where lush and grassy furrows
Hide away in curving boughs.

Then you can run to my open arms,
Be held once more in my embrace,I
'll gently lift that veil of yours
To gaze again upon your face.

And then you can sit upon my knee,
We'll be all alone, alone there,
While the lime tree thrilled with rapture
Showers blossoms on your hair.

Your white brow with those golden curls
Will slowly draw near to be kissed,
Yielding as prey to my greedy mouth
Those sweet, red, cherry lips . . .

We'll dream only happy dreams
Echoed by wind's song in the trees,
The murmur of the lonely spring,
The caressing touch of the gentle breeze.

And drowsy with this harmony
Of a forest bowed deep as in prayer,
Lime-tree petals that hang above us
Will fall sifting higher and higher.


Amr T said...
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Sam... said...


Good to hear things are going Ok For you.

Nice Poem, Did you translate it your self?


Soraya said...

Hey Amr, why you so surprised ?;)
Thanks I like yours as wall

I actually had some help in that
Thanks for your comment


Amr T said...
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