Monday, October 16, 2006

The Rain did come

I love the rain. The sound of it tapping on the roofs and windows
The smell of it emerging with the earth…the color of it on tress grass and flowers
The spirit it gives when feeling down. The good it makes when washing away the pain
The rain did come for once rightly, the rain did come…

Friday, October 13, 2006


I love you so, but not in love with you.
I want your friendship, love and your desire.
I would not lead you falsely or betray you.
I feel the tenderness, but scared of the fire.
I have no reason for my lack of yearning,
No explanation for what I don't feel,
No other love to whom I might be turning,
No anguish to suggest this isn't real.
Passion is a horse that knows no master,
And I cannot with fences make it stay.
It must run free towards daylight or disaster,
Awake to glory in no other way.
So I must say what you don't want to hear
Time will give and we will prosper ,
But it's a truth that both of us must bear.