Monday, September 10, 2007

On Love...

I know I've been away from my blog for a while and I hate to see it like that. So deserted . Although I've been in full energy… moved a lot, worked like a mule, seen lots of people, attended many events, but I couldn't manage to put my fingers to type….I've been thinking lately about love…what are the standers for finding the true love of your life???? I actually didn’t find an answer to that question
The quality of true love is highly debated among different people. Some people
Believe true love relies on rules or that it simply does not exist. However, true love is an Unconditional love between two people, when two people love each other for who They are. Not what they have or what they give....

I used to think that once you fall in love. You will only love that person for the rest of you life but it turns out to be a big bully. Time is able to make you forget all about your past love and again you find your self in love…and so on, you love once and twice and trice so I guess there's no stander for being in love once and forever. And you discover new things about love every time you fall in love…unfortunately for me there wasn't no happy endings. We are all in this holy search of love so we experience many kinds of it,,, I admit I hardly can fall in love but once I'm there, there is no turning back for me I fight I sacrifice I give I Cherish I go head over heels.
To me, love is not just a feeling, but it is the way that people treat the ones they care for. People should treat the ones they love so considerately. Love, in my eyes, is making that sacrifice for someone, knowing that it might be regretful sooner or later. Love is how a person makes another person feel when they are in their presence. Many people show or express their love for someone in different ways. No matter what the way is. Love is in the actions that a person makes, not the words that are said to them.

I once read something about three kinds of love…it is manifested in three ways, Eros, Philia and Agape.
The love between 2 persons is Named Eros, the sexual attarction Eros can manifest in 2 ways, the good way: when love between the two grows strong and they became dependent on one another and can't be apart, they build something together and they'll always be happy and satisfied with each other.
The bad way: when each part feels insecure and his freedom is restricted by the other part. Feeling that they sacrifice much. So Then Eros the spirit of love that unites the 2 parts will show the bad side of it.
Eros will not manifest the same to all people and no one can escape Eros everybody need his presence in life, sometimes Eros make us feel Depart from the whole world and isolated in loneliness.

Philia is the love under the form of friendship or brotherhood its what you feel toward other people. When the flame of Eros starts to fade Philia maintain the family united.

Agape is the highest manifestation of love, Agape is total love, love that devour the ones whose living it. Who experience and know Agape will see that nothing in this life is more important than love. This's the love that God feel for his people. Love that can change the history of human kind.

We people won't feel that higher love; but we may experience another form of Agape. Life might sound unfair for some of us but the love that devour can make absolutely anything sound unimportant.
(Agape is the Love that devour)
Luther king said once: that when Jesus said that we must love our enemy he was referring to Agape. Because according to him its impossible to love our enemies who makes us suffer, Agape is higher than love it’s a feeling that can fill every gap in this world.

The other form of Agape that people feel usually is the feeling of Enthusiasm and ecstasy.
Enthusiasm is agape toward an Idea or anything that we went thorough. When we love and believe from our deepest souls in something we feel the strongest and an immense serenity that comes from our pledge that nothing will put off our beliefs. This force makes us take the right decisions at the right time, and when we reach our target we feel amazed by our own power because in a fight for righteousness nothing can stand in our way. We are simply guided by our Enthusiasm.

I wish we all have the ability to be guided by that higher love in life
Now going back to the true love; I think True love is exhilarating, confusing, emotional, exhausting, and full of give and take.