Thursday, June 21, 2007

You think you know???

I'm sorry but I've been paralyzed not able to move not able to express my self
not able to think nor to write… So hollow and Intellectually Bankrupt.
After this phase I realized something which is:

we think we know everything about life; we are so sure how to handle it, but in fact we know nothing of it, we are totally ignorant .
For as long as I can remember I have looked for answers and tried to fit all the pieces together in a way that made sense and I could use myself.

And of course you do find answers if you really want to know and it did all start to make sense to me. But none of that really did me that much good.
everything I ever learnt brought me to one conclusion: That every tip, trick, idea, concept and piece of good advice is just one more piece of mind baggage that has to be let go of if we want to know what's Real. Not to know what's real intellectually - but to know it personally - to live it.

Well this conclusion can sound dispiriting. not many of us feel a limitless love inside and outside. We are disparately searching for it , We don't feel as we are the source of inspiration and life itself and capable of working miracles! But what im sure of is that everything in life happens for a reason.

All we can do is to get together and know what's real, how crazy it would be to think we could rediscover life again on our own….dinner parties, hanging out with a friend, exploring new things, a chance encounter with total stranger. An accidental coming together. We are all a part of this oneness of life.
Life that we will never understand 100% because it's so unpredictable. Well maybe it better left that way. And being alive is enough; I guess we are all perfect exactly how we are.

Love your self and love life