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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Memories of a Geisha

A wonderful Movie Based on the internationally acclaimed novel by Arthur Golden which unfortunately I haven’t read yet but after seeing the movie I would defiantly Do.
The story begins in the years before World War II when a penniless Japanese child is torn from her family to work as a maid in a geisha house the little girl blossoms into the legendary geisha Sayuri beautiful and accomplished she captivates the most powerful men of her day, but is haunted by her secret love for the man beyond her reach.

Memories of a geisha is a sweeping romantic epic set in a mysterious and exotic world that still casts a potent spell today

Actually I didn’t know the real mean of Geisha until I saw the movie
I thought that geisha is a courtesan that sells her body to men but it turns out that its not, a geisha Is an artist that entertains, play instruments dance and sing
And she’s not allowed to make any decisions in her life…she’s controlled by her owner.

The movie got real beautiful seines and shows us the beauty of Japanese culture
I strongly recommend it


Sam... said...

Thanks for the recommendation....

the film had a great openning over here.
but i was in doubt weather to go or not.

seems like plans for next weekend.

By the as this is my first visit, i must say it looks like it is going to be a nice blog.


Anonymous said...

If you like so much the movie I certain sure that you'l like the book too. The book describe even better than the movie what a spiecal life are the geisha lives.