Monday, February 13, 2006

A lonly Valentine

My 1st Valentine spent lonesome after 4 years.

alone I find myself wasting every breath
and Time ticks ever onward
Depression swallows my soul Agony eats my heart
When will this ever end? What caused it to start?

god I must sound so miserable…

Lets talk about facts…well the valentine phenomenon started to spread a lot in Our country
and as you walk down the streets in Damascus preparation for this occasion starts a month before.

All gifts shops are decorated in red hearts and flowers and small red lights hanging all over the streets…flower shops filled with red roses packed in many ways and different styles not to mention that Roses prices increases to become double the regular price …Valentines party’s preparations and publicity all over the radio stations and the billboards…and you see it more common among our young and teenagers…young couples running disparately after gifts and presents for their love ones…eh I must say LOVE IS IN THE AIR

Happy Valentine everyone


ayman999ua said...

You will never be lonly 'coz you are filling the hearts of your friends with joy as they remember that you are thier friend.. and i am one of them, so: HAPPY VALENTINE Soraya :-)

EL GOLDEN said...

lonley ??

what about our dinner dude :D

BTW : every Valentines there is some lonley persons, it is the rule of the life .

nice blog Soos

Ihsan said...

Lonely in the Valentine?

Join the crowds ;)

muzik said...

came across your blog, it is an old post I know...then..maybe my comment will just join your post in age....
that was my I felt the same 2 months ago.

lee woo said...

If your're single on Valentine's Day, don't let anyone make you feel bad about it. See the link below for more info.


Leslie Lim said...

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