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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Our country Our pride Our Syria

Because we reached the point of no return we won't weaken we wont stop until we rise, Our Nation will rise above injustice above oppression above inhumanity and we'll walk towards the light, the light of freedom the light of justice the light of Democracy.

Because we waited for so long, we endured a lot we'll build our Syria hand in hand, we'll build a civil Country with no sectarianism no racism no Ba'athism.

Because our country is the cradle of civilization our country is the cradle of peace, On high mountains and stretched coastlines In numerous villages and cities our people of different religions and different sects coexist.

Because Syria is our heritage we'll keep its name High with pride, we'll keep our chin up toward the sky.

Because it is our Syria it won't relate to a name a person or a figure. Its name stands alone proud.

Because we are Syrians we won't kneel to No Tyrants no more, we'll kiss the land that beholds our blessed martyrs the Land that is blended with the patriots blood and ancestors.

Our country will flourish forever our country will be blessed forever

Because it's Our Country our Pride our Syria