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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Bara and Serjela

An Archeological Spot located in Mountain Al Zawyah to the southeast of Edleb with a distance of 34 km
and located to the southwest of Aleppo with a distance of 93km

its considered to be the largest collection of archeologic ruins that ascends from Roman Byzantine and Arab periods , some says that its historical founding’s ascends from even older epochs.

The name Bara was found engraved in a stone discovered in a monastery to the east of Bara , and according to some syriac scripts Bara was called Kafar Adberta .

some studies and researches pointed out that the oldest construction in it ascends to the Roman era A.D. second century.

When the Roman empire was spelt into 2 parts, Bara was to the east part of the empire
And it was transformed after wards into the Byzantine state .

Bara was a subordinate to the administration of Apamea ( Afamia) in the Byzantine era even though the relation with The Antioch was stronger.

In the year 614 A.D Bara as many other Syrian cities was subjected to the attacks of the Persians. and In the year 637 Arabs liberated Syria from the Byzantine Reign.
The people of Bara was ruled then by The Arab reign and they had lots of privileges so their city prospered and extended. And as Bara was a well strategically set the Byzantines and also the Romans were always aiming to take control of it again. But finally in the Year 1148 was totally controlled by arabs and away from all foreign Danger.

We can find in Bara : wingers , churches, monasteries, cemeteries and tombs , fortes, Mosques, and lots of scripts.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Thank you

Thanks to all who remembered me and sent me greetings through emails. Sms’s, phone calls, and personally

Muhannad You were the 1st and you’ll always be the 1st in my life….
Farah you are more than a sister to me
Motaseem I cannot be mad with you for long… you made my day
Hasan and Saeed…I thank god there still is such amazing people like both of you my friends
Hamdi...can’t wait for you to get back
Samaw’al and Roeeya…thanks for being there
Nidal and Laila…you guys are the closest to my heart love ya…
Haya… even though you were late many thanks…I really miss ya like hell
Raniah…you can’t imagine my thrill hearing your voice from that distance…love you so much, you’re the best.
Diana…we can be so distant for a long time but also so close in just a glance. Thank u.
Andreea…I really wished you were here I miss you so so so much.
Petra….Please say you’ll be back before the new year I miss you
Abu Fares…its really an Honor for me to know such an extraordinary person.

Sam, Hadil, Majd, Sami, Ahmad, Ola and all whom I forgot to mention thanks form the bottom of my heart….

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Life goes on!!!

So You lose someone so dear …so what life goes on!
You lost your money in bad business….so what life goes on!
You favorite team lost the game… so what life goes on!
You drop ketchup on your favorite dress… life goes on!
You didn’t pass the exam…life goes on!
You break up with your love one…life goes on!

The common comment that people leave….
But On the other hand

You see innocent people dying everyday…
Destruction within human hands
Sick children starving …
Hypocrites ruling the world…
Abhorrence and hatred among us…
Disasters and catastrophes…
Crimes Rape and murder …
Drugs, violence, diseases…

I wonder if life still goes on?
Is it Fair?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

November thoughts...My time of year

          Actually the word of it sounds so gloomy and blue, fall can be depressing to some people but it isn’t for me and sometimes a smile hides a deep sorrow and not vice versa have you thought of it?

          blue feelings hovers around in a smooth way Maybe it’s the cold hard rain that comes and goes; in between, distant voices.

          Life is such a quirky clutter of impressions, sublime simples,flowing to and from, from breath to death, elusive as mountains,as solid as the wind - never centered. Pieces upon pieces,moans and groans, songs and sighs, till we leave alone.

          I wish I could hug you
          Sing you a song
          Make you laugh
          And void the sadness in your eyes

          When I look into your eyes

          I can see a love restrained

          But darlin' when I hold you

          Don't you know I feel the same

          'Cause nothin' lasts forever

          And we both know hearts can change

          And it's hard to hold a candle

          In the cold November rain.

          - Guns N' Roses, November Rain

                          I love November Like I love you, Like thunder that’s hidden by night like lightening I’m suddenly Bright :)
                                                                          • Facts:

                                                                          • November begins in western tropical astrology with the sun in the sign of Scorpio which is my sign and ends in the sign of Sagittarius Astronomically speaking, the sun actually begins in the constellation of Libra , passes through Scorpius from approximately the 24th through the 29th and ends in the constellation of Ophiuchus, which is the only zodiacal constellation that is not associated with an astrological sign

                                                                          • November begins on the same day of the week as March every year and also February except in leap years

                                                                          • November in Northen Hemisphere is the seasonal equivalant to May in the Southern Hemisphere and vice versa.

                                                                          I was born in November what a bless , maybe that’s why I’m so fond of it

                                                                          Happy Blessed November everyone :)