Saturday, November 25, 2006

Bara and Serjela

An Archeological Spot located in Mountain Al Zawyah to the southeast of Edleb with a distance of 34 km
and located to the southwest of Aleppo with a distance of 93km

its considered to be the largest collection of archeologic ruins that ascends from Roman Byzantine and Arab periods , some says that its historical founding’s ascends from even older epochs.

The name Bara was found engraved in a stone discovered in a monastery to the east of Bara , and according to some syriac scripts Bara was called Kafar Adberta .

some studies and researches pointed out that the oldest construction in it ascends to the Roman era A.D. second century.

When the Roman empire was spelt into 2 parts, Bara was to the east part of the empire
And it was transformed after wards into the Byzantine state .

Bara was a subordinate to the administration of Apamea ( Afamia) in the Byzantine era even though the relation with The Antioch was stronger.

In the year 614 A.D Bara as many other Syrian cities was subjected to the attacks of the Persians. and In the year 637 Arabs liberated Syria from the Byzantine Reign.
The people of Bara was ruled then by The Arab reign and they had lots of privileges so their city prospered and extended. And as Bara was a well strategically set the Byzantines and also the Romans were always aiming to take control of it again. But finally in the Year 1148 was totally controlled by arabs and away from all foreign Danger.

We can find in Bara : wingers , churches, monasteries, cemeteries and tombs , fortes, Mosques, and lots of scripts.


Hattori Hanzo said...

There are lots of olives there. mmmmmmmm olives!!

abufares said...

Thanks Soraya for the informative tour. I like the pictures, they're great.
Hope to read your wonderful posts always.

MQabbani said...

nice views , hope it get the chance to see it real ,,,
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Anonymous said...

did the arabs really liberate youe country from the persians or did they just impose another form or slavery on your people?