Thursday, November 02, 2006

November thoughts...My time of year

          Actually the word of it sounds so gloomy and blue, fall can be depressing to some people but it isn’t for me and sometimes a smile hides a deep sorrow and not vice versa have you thought of it?

          blue feelings hovers around in a smooth way Maybe it’s the cold hard rain that comes and goes; in between, distant voices.

          Life is such a quirky clutter of impressions, sublime simples,flowing to and from, from breath to death, elusive as mountains,as solid as the wind - never centered. Pieces upon pieces,moans and groans, songs and sighs, till we leave alone.

          I wish I could hug you
          Sing you a song
          Make you laugh
          And void the sadness in your eyes

          When I look into your eyes

          I can see a love restrained

          But darlin' when I hold you

          Don't you know I feel the same

          'Cause nothin' lasts forever

          And we both know hearts can change

          And it's hard to hold a candle

          In the cold November rain.

          - Guns N' Roses, November Rain

                          I love November Like I love you, Like thunder that’s hidden by night like lightening I’m suddenly Bright :)
                                                                          • Facts:

                                                                          • November begins in western tropical astrology with the sun in the sign of Scorpio which is my sign and ends in the sign of Sagittarius Astronomically speaking, the sun actually begins in the constellation of Libra , passes through Scorpius from approximately the 24th through the 29th and ends in the constellation of Ophiuchus, which is the only zodiacal constellation that is not associated with an astrological sign

                                                                          • November begins on the same day of the week as March every year and also February except in leap years

                                                                          • November in Northen Hemisphere is the seasonal equivalant to May in the Southern Hemisphere and vice versa.

                                                                          I was born in November what a bless , maybe that’s why I’m so fond of it

                                                                          Happy Blessed November everyone :)


                                                                          abufares said...

                                                                          Happy November Soraya.
                                                                          My favorite time of the year, too.

                                                                          Sam... said...

                                                                          Nice words, well said.

                                                                          "Novemebr Rain".... agreat song... very good choice ... one of my favourite.

                                                                          Have a blessed November.

                                                                          Yazan said...

                                                                          Happy November indeed.

                                                                          ha ana za said...

                                                                          nice words soraya and happy november, happy birthday and a belated happy eid!

                                                                          Anonymous said...

                                                                          happy birthday soraya!
                                                                          fall is truly a wonderful time of the year

                                                                          Soraya said...

                                                                          thanks you guys but my b-day is on the 16th ( just a reminder so you can greet me then ) oh and don't forget the presents :p

                                                                          peace and love

                                                                          Hattori Hanzo said...

                                                                          wow...alot of talk about November. I am a scorpio too. I was told scorpios are egocentric...

                                                                          could it be true?

                                                                          Soraya said...

                                                                          ummmm yea its a scorpio trait...but it isn't the case for me..ok maybe in certain cases but not intentional i guess...are you?

                                                                          Hattori Hanzo said...

                                                                          I think so...hehehe
                                                                          In certain cases too, but I think for me its intentional. It has to be.

                                                                          Ihsan said...

                                                                          Happy birthday Soraya.

                                                                          Nothing beats November...excepts for September ;)

                                                                          Anonymous said...

                                                                          your blog is so good [well constructed] i was born of 6 nov. hope you find what is true.

                                                                          Christina Ritchie said...

                                                                          Interesting blog... enjoying it thanks
                                                                          a belated but happy birthday from Australia