Sunday, November 19, 2006

Thank you

Thanks to all who remembered me and sent me greetings through emails. Sms’s, phone calls, and personally

Muhannad You were the 1st and you’ll always be the 1st in my life….
Farah you are more than a sister to me
Motaseem I cannot be mad with you for long… you made my day
Hasan and Saeed…I thank god there still is such amazing people like both of you my friends
Hamdi...can’t wait for you to get back
Samaw’al and Roeeya…thanks for being there
Nidal and Laila…you guys are the closest to my heart love ya…
Haya… even though you were late many thanks…I really miss ya like hell
Raniah…you can’t imagine my thrill hearing your voice from that distance…love you so much, you’re the best.
Diana…we can be so distant for a long time but also so close in just a glance. Thank u.
Andreea…I really wished you were here I miss you so so so much.
Petra….Please say you’ll be back before the new year I miss you
Abu Fares…its really an Honor for me to know such an extraordinary person.

Sam, Hadil, Majd, Sami, Ahmad, Ola and all whom I forgot to mention thanks form the bottom of my heart….

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Sam... said...

Hope you had a good party...

and I'll be waiting for my share of the Cake.. ;)

Take Care