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Friday, February 10, 2006

A Start

كل المدن لها تاريخ الا دمشق فمنها بدأ التاريخ
Here we start …well I was browsing this certain Site when I came a cross a link that took me to what is called a blog… I started to read and read and this blog led me to another blog and so on …and I liked what was writing in many of those bloggs. And many of them where actually bloggs written by Syrian people. I was excited to read their thoughts
Was astonished of how well cultured and educated and good English command they have…and was really proud of that…this is our Bright Syrian Youth full of bright Ideas and thoughts…when i used to talk to friends from other countries they’ve always asked me that they were surprised to find a Syrian young girl with such ideas and good English. and I’ve always start defending and telling them that they are mistaken and that almost all Syrian young people are well educated…which now is absolutely proven after browsing through those blogs that I came by, by chance.

God bless you all and long live Syria


John Wreford said...

A good point well made

Soraya said...

thank u for your kind comment
and by the way i LOVE the pics you take

thanks again