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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Leaving on a jet plane

Here I am getting ready for my annual visit to Romania this time its gonna be more than a
one month visit…actually it’s the first time that don’t feel enthusiastic about it…and I don’t really know the reason?! Maybe because here its becoming warmer and spring time started while I’ll go back to hard cold freezing snowy winter.
Or maybe because so many unexpected things happened to me this last week
Like the return of a person back into my life…while I thought he’s out of it forever
But I was so laying to my self because he wasn’t out at all.

Anyway its always that way when I’m in Bucharest I miss Damascus and get so nostalgic about it…and when I’m in Damascus I miss Bucharest and want to get back to it so soon.

Well I must carry with me the thickest peaces of clothes that I have. also Hats scarves gloves boots I wanna stay here booohoooo.

But who am I fooling I would go to Antarctica just for the sake of traveling …I really Do LOVE IT…just tell me to pack up and I’m ready for it no matter where.

Eh I guess my next post gonna be from Bucharest
Wait for it


Ihsan said...

There is nothing greater than travelling, especially when it's for short period of time! don't complain about the weather, you will have enough sun when you are back to Damascus inshallah...enjoy the trip and as we say in Arabic "Bon voyage" ;)

Hattori Hanzo said...

I demand pictures of Bucharest. :p

Sam... said...


Wish you all the best in your trip.
Waiting for the posts from Romania.......Please extend my regards to Cnt. Dracula....

Sorry for the comments problem on my Blog,....fixed now..

See Ya..