Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Well quite a few people who’ve been visiting my blog asked what exactly my blog is about…and I my self haven’t write an introduction to it. And the title of the blog seemed so strapping and determined…

So I thought to write a post about it
Well my simple humble blog is about me, my home town Damascus, my Syria, my thoughts, my dreams, my poems, my stories, my pics, places that I’ve been to…etc
And yes I am Syrian to the bone and proud of it…and the that title wont stop me of publishing anything that I want beside writing about Syria.

So the thoughts and posts that are and will be published here will be pure Syrian to the bone thoughts and ideas…hope I made up my point and u got what’s my blog is about.

For any ideas suggestions or questions don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail


Ihsan said...

Hey, thanks for clarifying!

I had thought your blog was about you, your home town Damascus, your Syria, your thoughts, your dreams, your poems, your stories, your pics, places that u’ve been to...


Sam... said...


What ever the title of the blog may be it remains your own personal space; you can write what ever you want in that space.

"Syrian To The Bone" is really a nice title. but it does not mean you must write about one thing what ever that may be.

Good Luck

Soraya said...

Heya Ihasn

Oh that’s great u thought so…amazing how u knew all that about my blog ;)


Thanks a bunch at least someone got it :)