Sunday, September 10, 2006

A day in the Park ( Cismigiu )

In the heart of the Romanian Capital Bucharest lays a large oasis the( Cismigiu Park) it is known as the oldest public park in Bucharest. Modeled on the Parisian Jardin des Plantes by German Carl Meyer in 1830, with alleys surrounding a nice lake which features a enchanting water-fountain and boat-renting the park is split into a formal section and a romantic section. It is also known as the Lovers' park. because its considered a place of meeting for lovers any pair of lovers have kissed at least once on the lover-ally unfortunately I haven’t capture any photos of young lovers kissing for it was too rude for me to intrude :)

I’m actually in love with this park and I go there often with a book and my Ipod just relaxing on bench surrounded by those pretty gardens with plenty of flowers, trees, and wonderful foliage. You might close your eyes. Or watch the passers-by. Or the old people chatting or the lovers. Or play chess. Or even have a drink and a bite to eat in a terrace on the miniature lake.

For my luck this time I encountered 2 pairs of new weds on a photo session, for its kind of new trend to take your wedding photos in the park surrounded by trees fountains and flowers. I snicked around and took a photo but please excuse my lousy resolution because I took the shoots with my mobile phone cam.

another pairs rushing to the party :)

And as I walk around I hear this beautiful music playing on the other side of the park so me and my curious nose approach the spot where the music is coming from. And find a little square where a little band formed of a guitar player and accordion player performing a rhythmatic tango and young and elder couples dancing with eurhythmic steps I was content and so stirred away watching those couples dancing and listings to the nice music.

well i had just another wonderful day in the Park


abufares said...

thank you soraya for taking me to this wonderful place (through reading this post and seeing the pictures).
i take it you are having a great time there.
take care :-)

Soraya said...

you're most welcome abu fares
happy u like it

cheers :)

zhuyan said...

I saw a lot of beautiful places
in Europe and America
a long time ago.
Now I enjoy many more beautiful places
and people in Malaysia, my only home.

Regards and all the best