Friday, September 01, 2006

The Lake House

So I managed to go to the movies today and we were foggy about whether to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: dead men’s chest or The Lake House…okay Johnny Depp is very intriguing but on the other hand also Keanu Reeves is. So as we were all a bunch of desolated girls hehe ( not really) we choose to enter the more Romantic one.

The Lake House, I would never regret I went to watch it because it was GREAT
I can say that every girl in the theater were crying and of course i was one of them hehe

Dr. Kate Foster ( Sandra Bullock) wanted a little change in her life so she leaves her rented house lake and head for Chicago where she got hired in the busy hospital of Chicago, and feels sorry cuz she left the house, for it was like a sanctuary for her…
But then a stranger took her place in it , a frustrated architect Alex ( Keanu Reeves) finds a letter left by Kate there…

And a correspondence starts

Just for the sake of our conversation: what day are you at
14 April 2004
No! its 14 April 2006
Same day but at a distance of
2 years
Could this thing be happening????

Could those strangers meet one day??

Its about Love its about how you should wait for the right moment in life and not be irrational, because everybody got the right time or moment in life
It is sweet smart and well crafted I have yearned for a movie like that with simplicity and decency.

Its just amazing :)


Adam said...

Looks interesting, so I will have to watch it. And that house, oh that house! I am already in love with it.

abufares said...

I just tagged you on my blog.
Have fun