Monday, September 14, 2009

Blogging week against Assholes

In Addition of all the Syrian bloggers ( blogging against something…) I choose to continue Abu Fares blogpost about Assholes ( I hope you wont mind abu fares) because lately assholes have been multiplied unfortunately and their numbers are still increasing without giving it a serious consideration!!
Starting with a famous saying “ if Assholes could fly this place would be an Airport”

1. There are men that tells women that they love them and cherish them, until they get them into their beds and once they get them there, the next day they stop calling, I don’t like them

2. There are men, that have wives like angels and even though they treat them like shit and cheat on them
I don’t like them.

3. There are men that brag about them selves and what they own just to get the other sex attention
I don’t like them

4. There are men that give lots of promises but never keep them, I don’t like them.

5. There are men that still uses aggression and beat up women I don’t like them.

6. There are men that rapes the innocence of childhood. I don’t like them

7. There are men that sells their own blood hood ( Father, mother, siblings) just for a personal benefit, I don’t like them

8. There are men who thinks that women are weak and can’t handle life by them selves, I don’t like them

9. There are men who consider if their ( sisters, daughters) are in love before marriage, is shameful and dishonorable and she should be killed, I don’t like them.

10. There are men who thinks that women shouldn’t be sexually satisfied, and they are only tools for their pleasures. I don’t like them.


abufares said...

Yes Soraya Yes

"if Assholes could fly
this place would be an Airport"

They are multiplying aren't they? I guess they found a way to screw each other :-)

Don't mind the assholes Em el Sous, they are not worth your thoughts. Looking forward seeing you again soon.

Ral said...

So we have the same enemy...great to have a strong fighter like you.

Disordinedeimedici said...

hi from italy

Soraya said...

Ciao :)

Anonymous said...

are you still updating your blog?