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Thursday, April 20, 2006

We apologize for the inconvenience

I got this e-mail today


We continually review all publishers according to our Terms andConditions
and program policies, and we reserve the right to disablepublishers or sites
that are not in compliance with our policies.

Due to current United States law, we are unable to work with publishersfrom
specific countries, including Syria.
Because of this restriction, your account has been closed.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Google AdSense Team

Not that I was benefiting from the Google adsense, all what I have earned was in total 2.23$.
And i also added it for Beautifying my blog
...but is this part of the siege imposed on Syria????

Anywayz Thanks Google

oh yea and Thanks Ben


Sam... said...


The good thing that they wrote to you to ionform you about thier decision.

Other than that i do not need to comment on the matter, we all know what is happining.

i suggest you use the money you earned to buy some stamps and write a letter to you know who..

what a world we live in...

ahmad.nassri said...

Google Adsense suffers from spam and fraud like any other online service, Syria does not have any laws to protect Google from any kind of such fraud or spam and therefor they can not allow you as a Syrian resident to use thier services, it has nothing to do with "Syria", "Arabs" or anything else.

and a not to "Sam" READ & seek the truth before you pas judgment.

it's not wise to act all knowing and encourage mis-trust and bad intensions ...

Sam... said...

Dear Ahmad,

as you seem to think that i did not read the post properly, would you please be kind enough to explain the relation between Spam and what they said:
"Due to current United States law, we are unable to work with publishersfrom specific countries, including Syria."

as i know Fraud and spam can happen from any country in the world, and up to my Not So Accurate information the US is the largest source of Spam as it is the largest internet Market.

and you do not know me that much to accuse me of encouraging Mis-Trust and Bad intensions..

Hope to hear from you,

And would you please Soraya comment if you were able to confirm that letter from Google.
I can see that there are no more adds on your Blog.



Soraya said...


I totally agree with you Sam Syria isn’t the only country that’s spreads spam and fraud
And I don’t think that this issue have anything to do with the e-mail they’ve sent me.

As I said I got this e-mail and the Ads service was disabled on my blog

Ahmad I understand you being a fan of Google I my self appreciate all the services Google had been giving.

But this isn’t about Spam and fraud!!


ahmad.nassri said...

I belive i made it clear the first time ... but i'll explain it further:

spam is like you said all over the world, if somebody mis-use google services in (lets say for example) US or Canada they WILL track him down and sue his sorry ass for thousands of dollars and possibly get him jailed ... (and he/she deserves that )

now since we are talking about Syria and since Syria does NOT have any law to help google get thier rights or fight those people, google choose not to allow syrian people to use some of thier services such as google-ads ...

hope it's clear now ...

as for you, you said "we all know what is happining" and "what a world we live in"

now for anybody that would mean that you hinting that google wrongfully did this to Soraya and that they are bad
or against syria or something ...

if you didn't mean it that way, then don't use this form of speech next time. cuz that's the idea anybody would get from it.

and Soraya, as a mater of fact i'm no fan of google, i mostly like them but depreciate all thier ticks behind the services ...

all i wanted to do is clear why the did this to you, just to explain the reasons behind it, cuz i know how google treats people, they just don't provide detailed explanation to why they did this and why they stopped that, it happend to me a lot before with many services, they just don't tell you everything...


Soraya said...

Okay thanks A bunch for the clarification Ahmad but take it easy we are not fighting here,
Suppose you are Right, but from the email I got I understood that laws in the US is imposing dealing with Syria. Again thanks for clearing it up

As for Sam’s statement well we all know that the US is Putting Syria Under Siege. Thats what he meant as I think.

So take it easy guys and no hard feelings


Omar said...

if you go into the netscape website here: (this is a real link by the way.. no spam, while we're on the subject :)

scroll down and read the "Netscape Strong Encryption Eligibility

same thing if you're trying to install Oracle client on your computer, you have to check a box that says that you are not a citizen of Sudan, Iran, syria, etc... you are not allowed to even use the client.. a stupid database... what breach of security is there?

same thing for microsoft. once my flatmate was trying to register to one of MSN's chat rooms after september 11 and he was rejected because he was syrian..


so no, this is not about spam.. this is about politics..

bas yalla... bil na2es.. we are getting their technology anyway.. and for cheaper than they could ever dream of selling their stuff.. so who's winning at the end?

Ihsan said...

Spam has nothing to do with's part of sanctions that the government of the USA have imposed on Syria! One of the major Syria sites had its server in USA and they got similar message notifying that the service had to stop to comply with the American law!

It's funny to even think that spam has anything to do!

For more info: read the news!

Sam... said...

Thanks for your input Ahmad, Omar, Ihsan, and Soraya.

and soraya, for sure there should not be any hard feeling, after all we are all sharing the internet space to communicate and exchange ideas, and respect to other's ideas and thought should always be the case.