Monday, April 10, 2006

Back to Reality...

Eh my time in Romania was over and had to go back to reality
I must say bitter reality…yes it will sound weird coming out of me
But it’s the truth, I sensed the air of my country right there at Bucharest airport
My flight was so early in the morning so I had to be at the airport around 2 AM
And since it was so early, no other flights were at that time except for the Syrian air.
Meanwhile Syrian people were gathering at the balance for weighting their luggage’s
pushing and shouting like the plane is going to fly with out them, some family with 3 persons had luggage that weighted over 160 kg knowing that their limit of belongings is 65 kg, so what! they happen to be some relatives of the guy in charge there and got all their 160kg on the plane !! At the check point there’s this yellow line which you stand at for your turn…eh in vain was that line there! my dear people were racing who will get there the 1st …when the officer working there said please one by one and wait your turn at the yellow line!!! Why couldn’t we be discipline?? Why can’t we wait in turns?? Furthermore at the boarding again the same pushing and racing to be the 1st.
Men wouldn’t let women pass before them, not even women with babies!!!
At the check point at Damascus Airport the officers talking in a so rude and arrogant manner. where’s The “ good morning Ma’am” the “ welcome back” the “have a pleasant flight” the “ thank you”.
Its really hurting when you see other countries so refined and people so good behaving
Why? Why can’t we be civilized ??


Sam... said...

First Welcome back to syria.

I had always asked my self that question every time i stood in line and wathced those people fighting in front of the counter any counter.....

how do you expect those people to be civilized???!
they wake up every morning and fight to get a ride to work and fight to get thier shopping needs in the old type markets and by the end of the day they fight to get a bus home....and so on...

not to mention that " Harba2a " is a well known concept in the syrian dictionary.
for them doing that and getting what they want is a type of " Harba2a"...... what do you expect?

any way never mind all of this, welcome back to syria, now you can go back to enjoy damascus and the old city, and above all it should be warm by now.

can not wait till i get some time off and go there....

Cheers ....

Anonymous said...

welcome back to syria ...

yalla u will get used to syria soon, so don`t panic !


Ghalia said...

I understand that feeling!:(
Welcome back!

Ihsan said...

Hey, thanks for the slap of reality that u hit me with! I needed to read that somehow! still, it's not a Syrian concept, but more of an arabs' concept, as I'd come across the same in Jeddah's intl airport before!

Anyways, 7amdillah 3al salameh....enjoy Damascus :(

Hattori Hanzo said...

Completely agree with you.

What ticks me even more are the people who act civilized and abide by the laws when they are outside Syria, but as soon as they get to the arrivals lounge in Damascus, all is forgotten. They forget about staying in line, they don't care about the no smoking signs, and they fight over who is going to get the luggage first.

Soraya said...

Thanks all for welcoming me back