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Saturday, May 27, 2006

A new family member

I introduce you “Lady” my new puppy
She’s A Siberian Husky

Isn’t she Lovable


AhmadK said...

she's like a doll...
Terba b3ezkon :p

Ihsan said...

Oh my god, the Siberian huskies are gorgeous. They, along with the German Shepherds, are my all time favorite dogs. I love them!

Have u seen a movie called "8 Below"? You should, if your love huskies.

"Lady" is very cute…..but you can give her a better name! I guess….

Radido said...

Generally I hate pets, but nevertheless I found your pup is very wonderful !!

Is it a dog or a white wolf?

Anyway... Du hast schoene Augen ;)


Sam... said...

Nice,.....i always like dogs that looks like that.

and a girl dog,.... another girl in the family...... you must be very happy.

Radido, Ya Du/Sie hast schoene augen....;)


Radido said...

hi sam,

ich habe Sassy gemeint, und nicht den Hund ;)

Soraya said...

Ihsan actually I choose 2 names Lady and Bella
Haven’t decided yet what name, but I’m calling her Lady for now

Any suggestions for a name is welcomed

Doc so glad to see you on my blog
And by the way…Ich habe schöne Augen ;)

Thanks all for passing

Hattori Hanzo said...

Can I pet her? :p

Mirzade said...

she is lovelyyyyyyyyy
i prefer Bella

ayhm jzzan said...

مهضومة كثيييييييييير

Haider Droubi said...

very nice
tetraba be 3zzek ....

NBA said...

Ich weiss nicht, ob ich schöne Augen habe ;-).


Caesar of Pentra said...

First of all,
Lemme tell you that I haven't seen a puppy as cute as yours. Does she have blue eyes?! Wonderful!
I made some searches about the ancient sites in Damascus and I mentioned your blog's url in my recent posting in my blog.
I hope you don't mind. Your blog is cool.
I'll be honored if you replied me.
Take care!

Anonymous said...

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