Thursday, May 11, 2006

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So I went out of new thoughts even thou my blog is newly launched
If I may say launched….Okay not that I went out of thoughts completely
Is just that I write my posts on Word Documents before publishing and I go through them like hundreds of times to make sure they are okay to be published…call me weird but I do that…there’s like 3 new threads ready to be posted but hell knows why I haven’t yet.

Anyway what I really want to write about today is
Sometimes I believe that luck is borne with the person, so if you aren’t born with luck you’ll never be lucky for the rest of your life, not that I consider my self lucky but also unlucky.

Okay I know that sounds controversial

Tell you how

I’m lucky because I breathe, see, smell, feel, hear, walk, Simply lucky because I’m alive
I’m lucky because I have the greatest parents
I’m lucky because I was raised in a fine open way
I’m lucky because I had good education
I’m lucky because nothing was missing from my life
I’m lucky that I have good friends surrounding me
I’m lucky that people around me tend to love me and like me immediately ( قريبة على القلب )

On the other hand

I’m unlucky because I live in a terrible routine
I’m unlucky because I leave chances pass through me without taking any actions
I’m unlucky because I hesitate a lot
I’m unlucky because I thought I found my other half and then lost it.
I’m unlucky because I haven’t won the lottery hehe
I’m unlucky because I simply feel unlucky…errrrr

Someone said "It's better to be lucky than smart."

Well I consider that a stupid a steatment because a smart person is lucky because he simply knows how to take the opportunities, Lucky people make effective decisions by listening to their intuition and gut feelings which also make them smart. …but what if that smart person had an accident and died?

Is he considered unlucky???
No because that was his fate

So what I was saying a while ago that people are borne lucky is false because you make your own luck in life.

At least that is what I think…I don’t know about the rest of you

Oh yea I forgot to mention that I met another blogger yea call me an active lol
Well we were supposed to go to the movies to watch Memories of a Geisha but the period of the film show was over and they replaced it with the Pink Panther which It doesn’t deserve to pay 150 S.P to watch it, Not that we haven’t seen Memories of a Giesha, but one of us saw it on a mini screen on the airplane which it wasn’t very satisfactory. Anyway I’m sure he’ll Find it on DVD soon.

So we decided to have a cup of coffee…had a lovely conversation then we walked a bit
I have to say that I had a good Time…thanks for the lovely time

Shu Kaman???

Tomorrow Thursday on MBC 4 they are showing a U2 Vertigo 2005 concert my all time favorite rock band
So who’s interested don’t forget to watch it, its on 11 PM Syrian for those who can not watch it Sorry you’ll miss because U2 ROCKS.

That’s all …

Now the Big Q is how come did I post this thread directly without going through it a hundred time ??


Ihsan said...

I can't say I don't believe in luck, cuz I've been lucky in many aspects….however, the things that you think you are lucky for having or the aspects of luck that I have experienced, may not result the same or be the same if they happen to other people!

For example, the good parents part, how many people have really good parents but they didn't know how to appreciate it! Can we say they are lucky as well?

The point that I'm trying to make is that the concept of luck differs from a person to another, what u see it as luck, may be the opposite to others, therefore, the luck is solely a feeling of happiness for something that we have or a kind of appreciation.

Anyways, I'm glad that you are lucky w inshallah dayman lucky….


Hattori Hanzo said...

Hi Soraya,

Look back at the list you made about being unlucky. You will find that you can change all of them if you take action. Well, except winning the really have to be lucky for that one.

Enjoy U2, I don't get MBC 4, so you are lucky you get to watch them ;)

Soraya said...


I have to say that I agree with you
What I find lucky to have or be, might not be for others

Thank u for your wishes I wish you the same


Well I’m totally aware of that which is why I said that we can make our own luck

U2 concert was great I even taped It, want a copy?


muzik said...

Jean Cocteau once said:
"We must believe in luck. for how else can we explain the success of those we dont like?"


Hattori Hanzo said...

muzik: nice one :)

Sam... said...


This is a change, writing posts without going through them over and over, not bad.

it is like anything else in life, some you make and some you get from god.....

also, nice one Musik.....
now i can see why.....