Monday, May 01, 2006

My 1st Blogger meeting

Today I had my 1st blogger meeting which I guess you all think it was with a fellow blogger from Syria.

Which it wasn't!!

Okay lemme tell you how it happened…one day while I was checking my state counter I noticed that I had many visits coming from this certain blog so I click to see whom blog was it….well it turned out to be the blog of an interesting bright Libyan Lady. And since she was in a visit to Syria she decided to make some introductions to some of the Syrian blogs and my blog was included.

Anyway she was talking about not meeting any of the Syrian bloggers check her blog to see what I’m talking about ( From the Rock )

And then I dropped her a comment asking if she ever had second thoughts about meeting some Syrian bloggers ….and things went so fast that we decided to meet up

Anyway Highlander it was a great pleasure meeting you, I had a great time wallahi
and i hope we'll do it again sometimes.

there you are My 1st international blogger meeting

And I do really recommend checking her Blog


muzik said...

so the question is (as I am very new to all this), do you need to be a blogger to meet another blogger?
i wonder......
and also, isn't it nicer when you just dont meet any of your alternative-cyberworld virtual friends at all?
I also wonder..

Sam... said...

Good for you Soraya, hope you had a really good time.

as for you musik, it depends on how you look at it.
and it is totally up to you.
i think it is great to be able to meet someone whom you have been reading for and to for a long time.

what ever your liking may be make sure you enjoy it as possible.


muzik said...

being a non-blogger (at least yet), it is amazing how after reading couple blogs for a while (this one and deconstructed life) you develop a sense (even if it is totally imaginary) that you know these people you are reading. and it does not matter anymore if these people do really exist as long as theirpostings are alive ...
this is the beauty/question about the interaction between the personal Vs intellectual, private Vs the public where nothing is stated, and you are sure about absolutely nothing!

Soraya said...

Ummm I think that is the beauty of all of it, knowing the ppl you read for so good without meeting them, you get attached to their intellectuality to their way of expressing their thoughts , and because their posts are so alive they themselves are so alive too and you know that they exist somewhere
…and then through time you develop this immense curiosity of finding out what their faces looks like.

I was like that too, tried to be anonymous didn’t want to let ppl find out who I was
But then I said to my self what the heck… if i wont let ppl know me, I’ll remain anonymous for the rest of my life. why would anybody wanna do that??

Muzik I urge you to start blogging seems you’ll have great ideas to share with us.

Sam thank you buddy and welcome back home :)

muzik said...

The internet-communication for me is a type of an "iceberg theory" application, if you look at us now, here we are, with names that god only knows what they mean or where they come from, using a written language that is not necessary our first lnaguage, and using expressions that might be very distant from our daily lives.
these ideas go straight from the source to the brain of the reader, with total absence of all what we depend on in our normal lives to "read/know" people (that is body language, speech pauses, voice timbres etc..etc).
I dont know Soraya if you were thinknig along these same lines when you decided to put a picture of one Eye (and it might not even be yours), that your readers will build the rest of your face, then, any suggestion is as valid including judging that you have only one eye!!
I dont know where I am heading here, but I think it is a very interesting psycho analysis application to try to build someone elses personality departing from the minimal info one reads. where every word counts though everything can be an absolute lie.
i have to start a blog, this is so addictive :)

Sam... said...

well done Musik,
great stuff you,ve got there..

you really got to have a blog....
i think it is going to be very good....
Hope to read it soon.


NBA said...

Hello Soraya, please tell us more about Highlander :). I'm one of the loyal readers of her blog and try hard to imagine how she's like in the so-called real world. And I simply don't know... OK, I want no secrets or anything, just very curious otherwise.

Of course I could ask her direct as well HAHAHA.


Soraya said...

Okay you made a good point of view…its very true that you can build a personality according to a person writing, that’s how our brain works it builds images and scenes …but you can not assume that all who’s trying to write
Or reach the mind of a reader is Fake!! You can analyze the text you can compare you comprehend it and then find out whether its only an invented story or real

I mean you’re not going to meet a serial killer for god sake
And I guess you’ll build a stronger data after meeting the person you’re reading

And yes I thought of that when I decided to put the one eye pic
I wanted to let ppl know that I’m a Cyclops hehe ;)


I think you have to ask Highlander your self all I can say
Is that she’s a brilliant lady :)

muzik said...

I did not say it is all fake, I said it carries all possibilities,
all this hesitation between what is real and what is fake is what makes this type of comunication so brilliant.
and I am sure you are not a serial killer, but even if you were....that makes you a very interesting serial killer with one eye!!
yalla....back to work..

Highlander said...

LOL NBA - who is in the secret service now ;).....why don't you email me ....

Soraya thank you habibti, you beat me to the post. I'm back from Amman now and I hope I made up for it now .