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Monday, June 05, 2006


Where do we go from here?

Your silence hurts

It weighs heavily

I care so bloody much

I hurt

I gave

I cried

I wanted needed hoped

The scope of it all

Still over whelms me

As I paint portraits in the sky

Seeing you in my life’s eye

Where do we stand form here?

Wishing a thousand years for you

Wanting hoping seeing

Yet frightened that

You will fade away

And then trembling

I realize

Once more

The heaviness of your silence



AhmadK said...

u could let the picture speak...

Sam... said...

Nice one, nice photo also.


abufares said...

Elia Abu Madi:

"Je2to lil donia wa7idan
Wa wa7idan azhabou
3ajabon serrou maji2i
wa zahabi a3jabo"


La ijrik, don't give it a second thought girl. don't let anything hurt you

Hattori Hanzo said...

Soraya, this is a beautiful picture.

It looks as if disaster has just passed through this place. One can even almost predict the direction. It came from far away, passed through the space, took the leaves of the tree, passed the woman, out my screen, and went on its way. The tree and the woman are all that remains, and she hugs herself trying to comfort herself because there is nobody else left to comfort her. She looks afraid but accepting. She looks at the tree and beyond.

Indeed, where do we go from here?

So many other questions that one can not put into words.

This is the moment of confusion, but I also find some inner peace.

Reading what I said, why do I find beauty in disaster? Does it all even make any sense?

Thank you Soraya. I can not stop looking at the picture. I even have a song playing in my head that I think would console the woman.

Andre said...

The picture is very sad, so is your poem…

I think you’re in love girl and perhaps not in a very happy one..

It is not easy for me to comment on your piece or even write anything at all on that because there’s so much grief and sorrow reflected in what you’ve written. All I want to say to you now is that you don’t need to wait nor to tremble, neither you deserve being overwhelmed or hurt… because life out there is bright and beautiful…just open your eyes, take a look around and you will see so many things you weren’t noticing before….things you will discover and enjoy...but it takes some time to get back on one’s feet and start new…life goes on, and this is the only truth I know…Good luck girl..