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Monday, May 21, 2007

Tag Tag...who's there??

Yaser is there with a Tag for me and it goes
Post Ten Pleasures of yours, here you go :

1- staying late in bed in weekends
2- Watching a good movie and getting so emotional about it.
3- Having a good book and don't let go of it till Its finished
4- Eye contact with total strangers I like :p
5- Being around my friends
6- My little girly chit chat with mama
7- First kisses
8- Smell of rain
9- Finding new comments on my blog
10- Having a cigi after a good meal or with a good coffee
11- Driving my car while listening to my music collection
12- Being loved
13- .....

Okay okay I'll stop I know it suppose to be only ten pleasures but the list wont finish at this point :D

yalla i tag everybody


MQabbani said...

nice 12 pleasure hehe

smell of rain .. its a pleasure

GraY FoX said...

long time no posts :(
it's one of pleasures dude :(