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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mashta Al Helo

So I've been a couple of weeks ago on a road trip for a weekend to Mashta Al Helo.
Got some fresh air into my lungs cleaned my eyes with beautiful views and brain relaxed with meditation
Not really in the mood for writing so am just sharing the few photos I took

En Mraizeh Lake

En Mraizeh from up the mountain

Mashta al helo at sunset

Mashta al Helo
    Mashta Al Helo is a nice, picturesque village amid Helou Mountain. It is located in the region of Tartous. To be more specific is located in the Syrian coastal mountain range. It is approximately 233Km away from Damascus, 68Km from Homs and 45Km from Tartous.
    Mashta Al Helou is one of many tourist villages in the area and is ranked among the best tourist villages in Syria. In Mashta Al Helou there are many tourist services like restaurants, hotels, resorts and swimming-pools. It is distinguished by its mountainous climate, it being: moderate during the summer and cold during the winter. It is known to snow in some winters. Tourists find Mashta Al Helou a summer escape from the heat and enjoy its fresh air. Like much of Syria, Mashta Al Helou is surrounded by glamorous, ancient monuments that are frequented by many. This lies testament to the country's rich architectural history.


    Anonymous said...

    I've heard great things about the beauty of the lanscape in Mashta al helou and i would really love to visit maybe mid of march, but i was wondering if you can help me in finding a lodge or a smal motel there or maybe renting a small chalet. i would appreciate if you can give me a name and a number of a place where i can stay in.

    Anonymous said...

    My grandfather was born in Mashta. I'm proud of my roots and would like to know more about my grandfathers birth town. Hope you can help me. My email is