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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Few blood drops

There she stood in a semi dark room with gothic walls and strange drawings…shaking shivering and hesitant. To do or not to do, that is the Question??
She approached the damned chair with uncertain steps and sat. cold sweat drops on her forehead and shaking fingers. Closed her eyes and aspired hopefulness. She knew once she is there, there's no turning back. inhaled some air and….

    A needle pinch and a few blood drops and there it was her little Diamond standing on her nose :)


    Yazan said...

    mabrook, but did it hurt?

    Golaniya said...

    Hehe..mabruk, it looks good on you..
    i had one on my belly :D

    Sam... said...

    Go Girl go...

    abufares said...

    I never knew that they actually Yeb7eshou the nose. I thought these diamonds, ...etc. use some sort of glue.
    akhhhhh... you sure have guts.
    In line with Yazan's question.
    1)Is it worth it?
    2) Is their a retaining (bolt) inside the nose.
    3)In case the answer to 2 is Yes, how does one, excuse me, you know... y2awer koussa.
    4) Do you sleep with it or do you take it off?
    I'd better stop. I really thought they just glue the damn thing. You just changed my perspective on life.

    Soraya said...

    Thanks Yaz well yea it hurt just a little bit u know like a needle sting dose :)

    Golanya alla yebareek be 3ommrek ya rub well I guess the belly piercing is next stop hehe

    Sam thanks a bunch

    Actually Abu fares I was there and felt like doing it, its not about worth it or not just consider it as the earrings your daughters wear 
    Actually the little diamond has a little rounded end that keeps it standing there in the little hole.
    As for 7afer il kossa lool well you can keep doing it the same cause it wont interfere with the piercing
    If I take it out for a long time the scar will close the guy who did me the piercing told me not to take it out now since the scar is new. And whenever I got bored of it I can take it out and it will heal and close again no worreis :)

    GraY FoX said...

    lol you got ppl quite curious
    mabrouk :)
    hope it brings you good luck , and the pain will go off soon :D

    Renegade Eye said...

    I found this blog at Puppeteer's.

    Piercings make a statement, as well as being decorative.

    yaser said...

    it is beautiful,that's one thing for sure..:)

    Fadi said...

    Cool! I never knew they do this stuff in Syria! really cool!

    Anonymous said...

    Do you accept criticism? i don't call thatbravery , rather trying to run away from a weakness inside.

    Soraya said...

    Yea I do accept criticism and I haven't said what I did was brave nor I find it a weakness anyways thanks but it would be nice if at least I knew the name of whose criticizing me