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Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Illusionist

He builds around you castles in the sun, awesome pictures, rainbows and butterflies
Fields of roses, rivers of silver, seas of gold and fairytales. things you would never dream about. Ever lasting love, immortality, passion, romance, wealth and lust,
He appears and insults expectations with the words you intended for praise and arouses unspoken suspicions
What is worse is that, you get pursuit by the illusions while you’re assuming that you created it, it holds a view contradictory: little sweet voices blooming, it’s insisting that it captured you. so damn insisting plagued in mind and soul.

Weak up its only illusions!!! But whom am I fooling?

My sweet liar
My beautiful lie.


Zen@ said...

great Soraya!.. it's just great
dear, you have a pure soul and a great mind..

abufares said...

Why do all the good girls end up with the bad guys?
Cheer up my friend :-)

Soraya said...

Zanzon dear thanks for stoping by and thanks for ur sweet words girly :)

Abu fares
the Question is, is there any good guys left out there???? no offense guys :p
thanks for the support :)

Fadi said...

Yea.. some men are just jerks lol

I like how you misspelled in your last sentence... "Weak up.. ;)