Friday, March 02, 2007

One of a kind?!?!

I don’t want to sound stuck up or arrogant by this…but one day a friend of mine told me I’m one in a million…which really made me wonder am I really one in a million??
I mean I bet there’s thousands and thousands of others like me…what really makes me so special?
Well I know my friend told me that as a compliment…but what if I really want to be one in a million? would I sound so egotistic??
Furthermore What obvious scares me is that what if I’m not being my self and if I’m really my self that doesn’t mean there’s no one else like me …a leak of authenticity maybe?

Well there might be someone that carries the same thoughts as mine the same characteristics, Someone that likes to do the same things I do. Someone that got the same style as I do.
So what makes us so special??? How can we be unique if there’s so many people like us?
To wish to be unique is a universal human property. I think that The very existence of uniqueness is not dependent on the judgment of a group of humans.

I asked and so many have told me every human being is "special", one of a kind
But how’ in the world is that???
In other words, there are numerous characteristics and traits common to two specimen of the same species. On the other hand, there are characteristics and traits, which set them apart. But I am not talking here about characters and traits There must exist a quantitative point where it would be safe to say that there’s no difference between outweighs and similarity, the "Point of Uniqueness", in which all individuals are rendered unique.
So what’s the whole use of being unique if all others are too??

More over the worse is being compared to someone!!…I don’t know if it’s right or wrong
Or maybe its a complex …I don’t really know if I’m making any sense out of this either.


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Sam... said...

Girl... Do not over think this one...

Yes... you are one of a kind.. Unique...

just ask your Mom.. she'll tell you..


Take care..

Ihsan said...

If you find a 100 friends to tell you that you are a one in a will find another 100 who thinks quit the oposite...I guess that somehow distinguishs your friends from others.

Can you be? of course you can, but only according to your close ones....

Yazan said...

Do u honestly believe that there are 2 people on this planet that are alike?
Every single human being is a Unique.
And if they dont realize it, or repress it... it does not mean that theyre not.

GraY FoX said...

wallahi ya dear it's a double-faced thingie
it's super needed to be unique and one in a million in the eyes of your beloved ones and those who care about you
and at the same time , we are just numbers during the news or a stasticical drafts
thinking about it will make you grrrrr
but let me tell you this, if you believe in your uniqueness and kill arrogance at the same time , that will be heaven
that will mean that you truly know yourself quite well :D
nyways, i think you are one in a million too though you remind me of someon :P

dancing solo said...

HI Soraya:
I would like to tell a phrase as an answer to your post. It was by Greek philosopher Heraclitus, he said
"You could not step twice into the same river; for other waters are ever flowing on to you."
it is one river, but it is not the same molecules, each molecule has its own identity, that what makes you one of Million...

nice post...

MixMax said...

the contradictory feeling you put through your thoughts by not resembling ourselves or comparing ourselves to others on one side, and consider ourselves as special on the other side is in fact what make each of us unique.
I am not going into spiritual aspects here, but i believe that each of us was made special, unique, one a like, and X person is never been the same as Y despite million of similarities. God created us unique, our experience in life made us unique, being of that father and that mother makes us unique. The choice of having a wife or a husband makes us unique and the children we have make us unique.