Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Me siento tan bien

Te extraño. Parece como si nuestros cuerpos estan mas lejos que los años. Este sentimiento intenso que por ti siento no puede ser apagado por los mares. Tan fuerte es mi ilusion que solo el cerrar mis ojos me lleva a un nuevo sueño donde tus labios y tus ojos son los que mi alma contempla. ..no sabio como me haces sentir tan bien !

photo by Kin ho

Sometimes you feel at a very low level with your self that you start hating your self, it has nothing to do with self confidence its just one of those depressing moments. And out of nothing you lay your hand on a fortune. "someone" that lifts you up to the seventh heaven, and maybe you think your self in love but you shouldn't be.
You are just at the top of feelings like having an multiply orgasm…pampered by the sweetest of words feeling good about your self and your body and feeling that killing sense of being desirable. You are the peak now pumping with femininity and indulged by the sensation….I'm just feeling so damn good


Hattori Hanzo said...

sorry to ruin it...but what happens when they drop you?

GraY FoX said...

that tickles
sweet words
creative and awesome as you are
and it is what you really deserve
what matters is that you are feeling high with no drugs, and that is certainly a good thing
keep on feeling high, loved , appreciated, and take a hold on what makes you feel so
wishing you the bestest of the best

MQabbani said...

i be in such feel in
1- am really happy
2- am very dam upset and mad so deep

both give saem result to me !

abufares said...

Always the sensitive and creative Soraya.
Keep on writing my friend.