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Thursday, February 15, 2007

This Day of Love

You are my heart, my hope, my help,

The passion that is me,

The whole of which I am a part,

My peace, my ecstasy.

You are my future, present, past,

My ship, my sail, my ocean,

The wind that brings me home again,

The home for every motion.

You live within me, yet

I amWithout you all alone.

With you I am full of light;

Without you I am stone.

I think of life as something

I Can spend with only you.

I miss you terribly this day of love

Miss you with a wound that stabs and aches.

I see the love around me,

So this day of love come love with me,

Come be my Valentine, and

I Will love you my life long, my love,

Will love you my life long.


Sam... said...

Sweet Words Soraya...

Happy Valentine To you...

GraY FoX said...

happy valentine
and lucky someone :D
it's strange how a human being can bring all those sweet words to someone's mind
allah ykhaleekon la ba3d

Yazan said...

I loved ur post, so i had to put this quote, its painful to do it, but it's so true... it's painfully true and beautiful at the same time.

عندما نحب, نرسم لوحة... بكل ما نملك من ألوان, أحزان و أحلام....بكل ما نملك من إنسانية.

كلما رسمنا أحببنا و كلما أحببنا رسمنا..

.تتملكك اللوحة, تسرق خطوط تكوينك, لا تريدها أن تنتهي,و لكن لا يمكنك أن ترسمها الي الأبد, تنهيها, يجب أن تنهيها بألمك و شغفك لترسم لوحة أخرى, لتحب مرة أخرى... تعلقها على حائط ذكرياتك الي الأبد... تبقى اللوحة و تبقى الذكرى التي تتضح أكثر كلما نسيتها...

و ترسم لوحة أخرى, في زمن أخر, بأحلام أخرى. أما السؤال الذي يرافق الذكرى الأبدية لا يتلاشى, أكان بإمكاننا أن نرسم لوحة أخرى...معا؟

dancing solo said...

very touchy words, well formed..
I like it...keep up the good work soraya


Soraya said...

Yazan thats so beautiful...strange how some paintings are engraved and fixed there in our minds souls and hearts and hard to be erased that’s what so painful about it I guess remembering it and so keen to them but we cannot paint the same painting again.

Thanks u guys

weezkwear said...

great work..