Thursday, February 01, 2007

Gimme 5!!

Yea Five things you don't know about me ....thanks to GrayFox for the tag, well actually i'm not that good in writing about my self but i gave it a try...

1- I’m kindda suppositious and a sign believer I look for signs every where, and if am not looking for signs, signs looks for me. I encounter strange signs and for each there’s some interpretation for me. If the sign are bad I don’t like to interpret them if they are good I enjoy to interpret them.

2- I’m a claustrophobic I hate narrow small places and get nervous when I have to take an elevator by my self .

3- I can be at the top of a dynamical rate and very hyper as I can be so lazy and sluggish.

4- I’m obsessed with shoes and bags and I love to buy lots of them and even collect them .

5- I am fascinated by discovering new things new places, trying new emotions, new feelings and meeting new smart intellectual strange people.
I tag Yaser


Anonymous said...

I would appreciate if you do not hotlink images off


dancing solo said...
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dancing solo said...

I am a guy, but I am not shy to say I share the same obsession with shoes, I like to buy shoes more than clothes and at any time..

nice five things...


GraY FoX said...

heyz , yeeey you are posting again lililish :D
more things in common between us ,
signs are a science dude :) , i love em and cherish them as they stalk me around
thanks for the five thingies, and here's a high 5 ;)

abufares said...

Thankx GraY FoX for bringing Soraya back to us.
Hi Soraya!

yaser said...

thank you Soraya ,
visiting new places and meeting new interesting people is a great thing ,for me that would be copenhagen and the danish people:)