Saturday, August 26, 2006


Please let us sing together flooding the dolorously atmosphere with the fawning passion in our voice,
As long as we sing I promise you that we will both sing together permeating the gloomy ambience withthe intriguingly cheerful rhythm in our voice.
Please let us smile together enlightening the lives of our falling friends with optimistic rays of hope,
As long as we smile I promise you that we will both smile together profoundly admiring the glory of the stupendously brilliant Sun.
Please let us breathe together painting the gloomy carpets of air with our wildly bubbly tunes spawning new life into the countless as every instant unveiled,
As long as we breathe I promise you that we will both breathe together inhale blissful wind incessantly deluging our lungs with all the fresh breath that wecould save from the atmosphere.
Please let us fantasize together conceiving the most electrifying beauty overwhelming this enormous Universe catapulting into a land as enchanting as the divine,
As long as we dream I promise you that we will both dream together fantasize the most bizarre possible of things ever perceived on this planet philander every second into a garden overwhelmed with poignantly scented roses.
Please let us embrace together incarcerating our recklessly rising flames in our body as one under torrential cloudbursts of rain,
As long as we embrace I promise you that we will both embrace together twist our arms invincibly and stare unrelentingly at the pearly island of Moon.

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