Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Book Fair

On the 3rd of august the Assad Library courtyard hosted the opening of The twenty-second International book exhibition and it lasts until the 11th of the same month.

The exhibition is accompanied by a multi activity includes lectures and poetry readings.
And it includes a lecture by Dr.Ahmed Berqaoui titled ( Arabs and current questions)
A lecture by Dr. Tayeb Tizini titled ( Arab culture and its place in Human culture) and a poetry reading by the great poet Suliman al essa. It also includes activities of Dr. Riyad Nassan Agha the Minister of culture and Dr. Buthaina Shaaban Minister of expatriates. And also a lecture by the litterateur Walid Ikhlasi.

And two poetry readings for the late poet and writer Mamdouh Edwan, and an evening about the Intellectual property rights between law and practice involving Rabee Khashaneh, Adnan Salim and George Jabbour.

Furthermore There is an information center inside the exhibition for media correspondents. And its noteworthy that the administration did not prevent any book from being exhibited expect for the lousy ones and that it is ready to receive any complaints from visitors.

the countries participating in the exhibition this year amounted to 21 including 12 Arab and 9 foreign as well many organizations and international centers. The number of publishing houses participating are more than 4000 house and the number of titles are about 43000 issued and printed over the past five years.

The whole aim of the exhibition is to enrich the cultural arab scene and to find new mechanisms for developing intellectual networking between Arab peoples and the world.


strontium90 said...

Thanks for the report, Soraya.
I guess I missed quite a lot by being rather reluctant to travel down to the capital.. :|

Sam... said...

You brought back such good and old memories .....
i used to be sure to go to the fair every year at least 3 or 4 times.....

had not done that for 7 years now......oohh will .... some good things do not last i guess...

Thanks for bringing back some good memories...


Anonymous said...

hey ,how u doing ,we were just seeing ur good and sooooo cool blog and we loved it ,
i think u worked so hard for it and u know what ,good job girl..
thats susan petra's sister ur friend in the usa we all say a very big hey .. keep going

abufares said...

You went to the book fair, then what!
Where are you?
I miss your posts:-)

muzik said...

yes, the book fair...with more and more religious books, and less and less liberal publishers.... it is sad..