Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another Year is Over

Another Year is over and what a year it was, 2011 marked a lot of events, Disasters, revolutions, and falling dictatorial regimes

My message to my self this year is to learn to accept things as they come, and stay positive when things don't go as planned. Yes, i know, life is not fair.
accept it and move one!!
Be patient, i will get what i want; i always do, if only i would be patient. And while i wait and toil for what i want, i should be happy and bloom where i am planted. I should learn to take life a little less seriously, laugh more and don't sweat the small stuff. And by the way, it IS all about the small stuff! and while I am at it, I should try to control that prodigious temper of mine a bit! I love my sarcastic sense of humor a lot but i should tone it down a bit, It's never too fulfill my dream, so i will roll my sleeves and get down to work.

I will keep praying for my Country to Obtain freedom, and while i do, i will keep in my mind all the souls we have lost along this fight for freedom, without them we will not be Victorious nor will complete anything at all, I will keep dreaming of a brighter future for my Country, and i will do what i can to help build it even from a scratch.

I will never lose my sense of adventure and fun, and keep up the zest for travelling and exploring new places. I will keep reading, keep learning new things, make new friends and pick the threads of old friendships. My simple wish for this year is to Be Happy. This is going to be an exhilarating year. A year filled with sunshine, Family, laughter, more love, good friends, good books, lots of travel and infinite possibilities. Enjoy it and celebrate each Day!

Hope we all have a better 2012


Ghyso said...

hey Sasi!! very nice saying :)

May all your wishes come true.

Happy New year 2012!

Love you xoxo

Anonymous said...

kill al-assad