Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008 Resolutions

Looking back on my last year I realized how full of activity it was. As a resolution I can straightforwardly say it was a comfortably busy one. Well no big achievements but not bad too it was a good year …lots of changes, traits and mentally wise. Being stable in my current job…been also a year since started it which is an achievement heh I tend to change jobs a lot.
Stared and ended a relationship. actually short term relationships aren’t really my type but that was it!!

Met lots of amazing people made good friendships, traveled 3 times in one year that’s cool too, Been to lots of events and concerts. Been working on my little private business hopefully it will flourish in the upcoming year.
I usually don’t write my new year resolutions but what the heck they always say write down what your aim for so you remember them,so my 10 resolutions for the new year are:

1. Quit smoking ( yea I say that every year but this year am gonna try for real)
2. fit in fitness
3. learn something new ( maybe a new language, maybe some new craft course, or even going back to learning Salsa)
4. get organized ( I’m a big mess no need to explain more)
5. fall in love (hmmmm no comment)
6. get involved in more activities
7. help others
8. go back to writing and blogging
9. enjoy my life and be thankful
10. give love to my family and friends

Well welcome 2008 goodbye 2007 wishing you all a blissful and perfect year

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