Friday, December 22, 2006

To the man in my life

I know we don’t speak to each other much, and I know we can be so distant sometimes not In presence but in sharing emotions ... even though you’ve been pampering me and I’ll always be your spoiled child , I know I’ll stay that little girl in your eyes.
I only want you to know a few things…

I honor and respect you so very much am so proud of you even though I may not have told you often enough.
You taught me the values of a family.
If not for you always being so patient i don’t know that I'd be as strong and capable of handling life
I always valued your opinions and sly comments even though I didn’t show that I do.
I know i never told you enough that I loved you but I think we both knew that we didn't need words to understand one another.

I remember that day when it was my birthday
And I went so upset because you haven’t remember it…and out of sudden I get this message from you saying” Happy Birthday to the best thing that happened in my life” Dad I burst into tears then…

I hope I can make you proud of me as I am so proud of you..

Thank you for everything you did for me

Thank you for all your love and concern you gave me
Thank you that you exist in my Life.

Happy Birthday Baba
الله يخليلي ياك و يطولي بعمرك يا أحسن أب بالدنية كلها....بحبك
Your loving daughter

P.S: I hope you wont browse a lot through my blog, there’s some stuff you shouldn’t read or know about hehe kidding I love you


Imad said...


Ce faci Soraya ?

Iarta ma pentru ce am zis despretine sper sa ma ierti.
Imi place Blog tau este foarte misto

sper sa ma ierti .

Craciun Fericit & La multi ani

abufares said...

Good Girl Om Al Soos.
Please give your father my best regards and wishes for a very happy Birthday.

Vishal (India) said...

Wow. Any father would be proud of that effort. I really could sense love in those words. Wish uncle from my side. My father's b'day is on Christmas. Now even I want to do something like that.

Soraya said...

Buna Imad chiar nu stiu despre ce e Vorba!!
oricum im pare bine ca iti place blog-ul meu
Si or ce ai fi vorbit despre mine nu contaza.

Merci pentru urarei si iti doresc la fel sarbatori fericite

Abu fares thanks for your wishes and baba besalem 3alek ikteer ;)

well you should think of dad was Overwhelmed by it :)


Rannam said...

Like Father ... Like Girl

Happy Birthday

Highlander said...

Happy Birthday to Abu Soraya :)
What a beautiful sensitive post .... Oh and 3ala fikra did anyone tell you how attractive is your dad :P 3an jad handsome dude !

Sam... said...

Happy Birthday to your father...
May God Bless him .....
and bless you too...


GraY FoX said...

happy bday h3