Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Jazz Fever in Damascus

On the 2nd of July Damascus hosted the opening of the Jazz Festival
the concerts will be held until the 6th day of July at 8 p.m., 5 days of Live Jazz Music at the newly renovated Citadel Of Damascus.

The words of the Swiss Ambassador, Jack Dovatvil, at the opening night gave a Brief spotlight and tried to emphasize that the primary goal of the festival is the dialogue of cultures and to present jazz as a factor in disseminating humanitarian values in the world and not the conation of showing the skills of foreign players, or even locals, and that The diversity of performance will allow the public to discover new horizons of music in every evening.

the Swiss Syrian Jazz orchestra is considered to be the only one in the Middle east
And its music is wrote and composed by many well known composers all over the world
Like Frank Kalberg (Finland) Amadis Duncal and Oliver Verdle (Switzerland), and Allen Johnson (US). The Jazz Orchestra( The big band) consists of 42 musicians divided between Syrians and Swiss members.

Further more what was so interesting was the use of the Oriental Instrument ( Qanoon) in some of the music peaces they played. So the mix of the eastern and oriental Music was just amazing… for all Jazz fans in Damascus u still got 2 days to go so don’t lose the opportunity because I guaranty you’ll have one heck of a time .


Hattori Hanzo said...

Words do not even begin to describe my jealousy right now.

I am a big fan of jazz. Qanoon mixed with saxophone and trumpet sounds good. Lately, I also like the sitar from India.

Sam... said...

Jazz with Qanoon...... I sure would like to hear that....

Lucky you...


Zaid Faham said...

well,I heard about it,I like Jazz music a lot,I wish if I was in Syria to hear it!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Amadis Dunkel, I just stumbled onto your blog... I'm very happy you like the things we are doing. Damascus is a wonderful place and I have a great time working with the Syrian musician. Peace!